Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Dem Bones part 2 – Vampire and Khemri in bloodbowl

Hi everyone and as time ticks on and I’m coming to the end of my team review series I thought I’d touch on the unusual teams of bloodbowl. Vampires and Khemri were born out of Games Workshop splitting the Undead faction way back in the late 90’s. Khemri were the Egyptian faction and vampires the Transylvanian factions and both have echo’s of this basis.

Both are harder than the previous selections to use and both require a little bit of patience and playing. Both of these are in the lower tiers and you’ll see why in a minute. Both however having played them in leagues fairly recently are fun and different teams to use.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Tree Huggers and the paupers – Elves and Wood Elves in Blood bowl

Completing the run through of the elves is the order of the week this time. Elves are very different from most factions in that their high agility focus’s them solely on agility based plays. More so with these teams as they both have armour 7.

Both teams are pretty different from their armour 8 cousins the high and dark elves. In different ways.
Wood elves are like their fantasy counterparts. I imagine Orion is a coach and he’s called forth every spring to teach the wood elves different blitzing plays.

Elves on the other hand are the epitome of the Blood bowl alternate universe. It represents Poor Wood elf, Dark elf and High elf players who can’t afford the expensive armour or aren’t arrogant enough. So, they have to borrow their team uniform from others…. Millenniums of hatred and now there in the same team because they can’t afford armour but still want to beat people up! Very blood bowl!

A Reminder about elves is on the previous blog…. Catch that here!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Dem Bones part 1 – Undead Teams in blood bowl

Welcome bloodbowlers! As you may (or may not) know Blood bowl followed the races released with Warhammer fantasy. Therefore, initially there was one blood bowl team for undead which had a mixture of vampiric, Necromantic and Khemri Elements.

When games workshop split these armies so did the split occur in blood bowl and three new teams were born Khemri, Vampires and Necromantic. Instead of ridding themselves of the old team this was retained to make 4 Ghoulish teams.

Again, I’m not sure what’s happened to them now. However, vampires and the dead are tolerated if not cheered with gusto wherever they go! I’m guess Vlad and Manfred coach rivalling teams…

Out of the 4 I’m going to first look at the traditional old-world teams the undead and the necromantic.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Beware the Stunties! – Halflings and Dwarves in Blood bowl

Taken as they are from the Warhammer fantasy universe, Dwarves are a fan favourite and had a massive following and still do now (even though there now flying in massive airships….)

Indeed, they are iconic. Their Troll Slayers which brings visions of Gotrek Gurnisson and Snorri.

Halflings on the other hand were more well known for the Moot than anything else and an imitation of the Hobbit. Indeed, as they are supported by the treemen it is as if they are much more like their Lord of the Rings counter Parts.

So how about it guys should be have a look at the stunty and the Stubborn?

Monday, 23 October 2017

Dark or the light? High elves and Dark Elves in Blood bowl

So after a week off in Tenerife time to get back to blood bowl.

Focus on this week Is two very similar teams and two Warhammer fantasy adversaries. No idea if these guys exist anymore! But in fantasy they were the bitterest of enemies.

Of course, in the Blood bowl universe this matchup is simply the blood bowl version of Arsenal vs Tottenham…. I wonder if Malekith watches from the stands with Tyrion and Teclis? Now wandering what all the thousands of years of bother was about? Perhaps a wager or something?

So which are you light or dark? Well that’s see…

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Skaven and Goblins: A story of teeth and secret weapons

In Warhammer fantasy the bane of Dwarves was the hordes of Skaven and Goblins who took over their holds. (I dunno what’s happening in age of sigmar so don’t quiz me on that!). In Bloodbowl, Skaven and Goblins have united to form possibly the weirdest team and individually they have been fan favourites since the game began.

These teams all are a massive departure on the chaos team I reviewed last week which is certainly suited to violence. These teams are tricksy requires a bit of guile and a bit of cheating to be able to claim victory. (When I say cheating I mean secret weapons!)

They are very fragile (As Alex Randell should know!) but are very fun to use.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Chaos! A team of Claws and tentacles!

In the fantasy of Blood bowl, every faction of the old and new worlds gave up war. Orcs and dwarves fought on the blood bowl pitch rather than on battlefields. What’s more Nuffle became the greatest religion.

The chaos armies and the chaos gods also became obsessed with blood bowl. That is essentially why the reality wasn’t destroyed by chaos. As ridiculous as this alternate Warhammer reality is Chaos are a great team and has 3 variants and as time goes on id imagine Games workshop will add more.

However, all these teams are difficult to use and are low tiered teams well why is this?